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Portuguesa na Globalidade

Duck River is, and will always remain, a Portugese company.

Long before “Portugal” existed as a concept, the Celts and the Romans knew and loved the famous delicacy of Prunis dulcis.  But it was them, and the river they called the “River of Ducks”, that inspired our identity. We chose it to pay tribute to the river now known as the Guadiana, a river that over recent decades has enabled the transformation of the whole Alentejo region. A river whose journey from the ancient Latin Flumen Anas has set an example for the whole country, and which we now present in a modern language of the world – Duck River.

Today, Portugal has all the ingredients to create a truly world-leading industry. Duck River strives to make the most of each of them – from its climate, to its market access, to its stability and the energy of its people.

This is the legacy that we want to celebrate, and it points us in a clear direction: to seek to lead the world in sustainable agricultural production, and to bring our products to the four corners of the Earth. 

Conservadora n Mudança

For things to stay as they are, everything has to change.

To preserve our love of the land, our roots, our rural communities and the things that make them unique, we need to adapt constantly. We need to rise to new challenges and develop new solutions, to make ourselves sustainable, and to earn our place in the 21st century.

At Duck River we are always on the lookout for new opportunities, especially where technology is concerned – but we also have an open-door policy to all who share our vision, whether universities, research institutes, scientists or the next generation of entrepreneurs.

To be competitive today, we have to keep our eyes squarely on the future.

Pessoal no Negócio

Patience and durability are even more important in agriculture than in other sectors.

Your finances have to be solid. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a tree takes a lot of time, care and attention before it bears its fruits.

The environment must be protected. A farmer who harms his environment is killing his golden goose.

Finally, people must be committed. A week’s inattention can put an entire orchard in jeopardy.

We couldn’t be prouder of our people at Duck River. These are people who keep an eye on the numbers and care for our environment, and who work every day with our goal in mind: to continue expanding sustainable agriculture for a long time to come!  

Av. Eng.º Duarte Pacheco, Amoreiras, Torre 1, Piso 4 Sala 7

1070-101 Lisboa Portugal
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