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Strengthen the Alentejo as a world leader in the production of quality olive oil

The Alentejo Olive Oil Sustainability Program (PSAA), a project of Olivum - Associação de Olivicultores e Lagares de Portugal, in partnership with the University of Évora, announced the 2nd phase of this pioneering project worldwide.

With a view to creating impact on a global scale, the new stage is marked by the launch of a Sustainability Reference that aims to offer practical guidelines for improving the sustainability performance of Alentejo producers. So that they can subsequently apply for PSAA Certification.

"This pioneering tool will empower producers and strengthen Portugal's position as a world leader in the production of quality olive oil, combining tradition and innovation", comments Pedro Lopes, President of Olivum. "Thanks to the knowledge of the entities involved, it was possible to identify the main challenges and opportunities to promote sustainability in olive and olive oil production. Our focus is to boost their quality, promote sustainable production practices and set high standards in the sector", concludes the responsible.

To achieve certification, producers' journey will be aided by a platform that will allow them to self-assess their level of sustainability. This assessment will focus on several areas of intervention, including Soils, Water, Diseases and Pests, Energy Efficiency, Surplus, Human Resources, Air, Biodiversity, Regional Development, Carbon Neutrality, or Packaging. By assessing each producer, the Sustainability Benchmark presents a holistic view of sustainable performance, with the realization of a Continuous Improvement Plan.

The Alentejo Olive Oil Sustainability Programme aims to consolidate and optimize the environmental, social, economic and cultural performance of olive oil production in the region. By promoting good practices with strict requirements, it seeks to ensure the long-term sustainability of the sector, preserving natural resources and promoting the well-being of the communities involved. The privileged position of the Alentejo, as a region recognized for olive oil production, drives the need to adopt sustainable practices to ensure the quality and preservation of the agricultural ecosystem.

Source: Planície, 5th July 2023


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