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Future and Challenges of the National Olive Sector Debated at the 10th Edition of OLIVUM Talks

The event will feature the President of OLIVUM in the opening session and the Minister of Economy and the Sea, António Costa e Silva, will close the event.

The 10th edition of OLIVUM Talks, an annual event of reference in the olive sector, is scheduled for December 5, at Nerbe/Aebal - Associação Empresarial do Baixo Alentejo e Litoral, in Beja. On this day, the latest data from the study 'Alentejo leading international olive growing', a project of extreme importance for the sector, will be shared.

The opening session is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. and will be led by Pedro Lopes, President of OLIVUM - Associação de Olivicultores e Lagares de Portugal. The closing session, scheduled for 12 noon, will be led by the Minister for the Economy and the Sea, António Costa e Silva.

This year's discussions will focus on four central themes that will be the focus of the two panel discussions. The first panel, "Water and Olive Grove - Challenges and Strategies", will feature Nelson Brito, Chairman of the Water Law Group and Coordinator of the Environment and Energy Commission, José Núncio, Chairman of Fenareg, José Pedro Salema, Chairman of EDIA's Board of Directors, and Pedro Santos, General Director of Consulai.

The second panel, "Economy and Olive Oil - Valorization and Trends", will bring together experts such as Pedro do Carmo, President of the Agriculture and Fisheries Commission, Mariana Matos, Secretary General of Casa do Azeite, Filipe Pombeiro, President of the General Assembly of NERBE/AEBAL, and Juan Vilar, CEO of Juan Vilar Consultores Estratégicos.

At the end of this 10th edition of OLIVUM Talks 2023, a tribute will be paid to Armando Sevinate Pinto, 1st President of the General Assembly, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of the sector.


09h30 – Welcome with Pedro Lopes, Chairman of the Board of OLIVUM

09h45 – “The Dynamic Evolution of a Sector with a Future", Pedro Santos, General Director of Consulai


10h00 – Water and Olive Groves: Challenges and Strategies, with the participation of Nelson Brito (Chairman of the Water Law Group and Coordinator of the Environment and Energy Commission), José Núncio (Chairman of Fenareg), José Pedro Salema (EDIA, Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Pedro Santos (Managing Director of Consulai).

10h45 – “Portuguese Olive Oil in International Markets”, Juan Vilar, CEO Juan Vilar Consultores Estrategicos


11h00 – Economy and Olive Oil: Valorization and Trends, with the participation of Pedro do Carmo (President of the Agriculture and Fisheries Commission), Mariana Matos (Secretary General of Casa do Azeite), Filipe Pombeiro (President of the NERBE/AEBAL General Assembly), Juan Vilar (CEO Juan Vilar Consultores Estrategicos)

11h45 – Presentation of the Social Emergency Accommodation Center project, Isaurindo Oliveira (Cáritas Diocesana de Beja, President)

12h00 – Closing with the Minister for the Economy and the Sea, António Costa e Silva

Source: Voz do Campo, 5 December 2023


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