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Conference «Water and Agriculture: the contribution of CAP»

In September 2020, CAP publicly launched a document called "Ambition Agro 2020-30", in which it presented its strategic vision for the current decade, regarding areas essential to the development of the country and, in particular, the agroforestry and food sector.

One of the chapters of the document is dedicated to water management, a key production factor for agriculture that, with changing climatic conditions and the sharing of interests in its use, is increasingly decisive for the competitiveness and affirmation of Portuguese agriculture.

To promote the debate on this topic, CAP will promote on March 31, Friday, a conference in person at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

The program follows above.

Registration is free but mandatory here.

Source: Agrotec, 22 March 2023


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